i just started my new job, which is great and all but UGHHHhhhhhHhHHHh.. can’t i just get paid to eat food and tell em if it’s good or not.

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The less loved you are by others, the more you have to love yourself.

scenery from Howl’s Moving Castle


It’s that time of the year! 🎃

my oldest sister says for our birthday lets get ‘sisters’ older sister says screw that lets get tattoos!
In which they both like the idea but hates needles.
I said suck it up bitches we getting tatts!

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" The world’s most fragrant perfume comes from the roses on the Balkans mountains. In order to make the best perfume, they must go during the coldest weather and pick the flowers at 2am. This is because the scent of the flower is the best at the time. Just like how the roses give off their scent at night in the cold weather, in life, we must go through many experiences to be able to give off our own scent "

- T.O.P